The atmosphere of bygone times. JAZZ LOFT APARTMENTS, featuring systems by ALUPROF

The criteria for what we deem beautiful changes over time. One thing we do know, though, is that ‘old is beautiful’. This holds true even when the builders themselves had aims other than making the surroundings more attractive. Nowadays, buildings which were originally just intended to be utilitarian are considered to be striking and fully on-trend because their function has changed. Old factories become apartment buildings and abandoned warehouses turn into fashionable office space, while the word ‘loft’ is now synonymous with a gorgeous, up-to-the-minute, worthwhile investment.

Protected lofts

Renovation is a superb way of restoring old buildings to their former glory and, quite often, of giving them new, far-from-obvious functions. One instance of this is the trend seen in recent years for converting former industrial buildings into top-end, spacious, contemporary apartments. At the same time, though, it is worth noting that any renovation work on erstwhile factories may well require close collaboration with the building’s conservation office, since they are often historical structures. A great many of them feature extensive glazing, making it essential to select the right solution in order not only to retain the historical nature of the building, but also provide superb, and wholly modern, thermal parameters.

The atmosphere of bygone times

Let a loft in a former mill in Budapest serve as an example. Part of the Jazz Loft Apartments development, its aluminium windows, which combine a traditional look with state-of-the-art parameters, work perfectly with the character of the loft. The solutions used to achieve this are by a Polish company and European leader in the aluminium joinery field, ALUPROF SA, which provided its MB-70 and MB-86 SI systems, both of which offer excellent properties. The aluminium frames have insulating infills and accommodate multiple glazing units with the latest in cutting-edge sealing technologies, creating a quiet and warm interior. In addition, the MB-86 SI system offers a range of frame, sash, crosspieces and reinforced and angled mullion profiles which afford plenty of freedom in terms of design and minimise the need to use the additional reinforcements which are so common in the case of large-scale windows.

The use of aluminium joinery for the Jazz Apartments development made it possible to achieve an exquisite blend of the traditional and the modern. At the same time, painting the windows with a dark, structural colour combined contemporary design with a look reminiscent of the steel windows favoured in the industrial architecture of the past.

Panoramic glazing

The main aim of the regeneration of the Budapest mill, which dates back to 1800, was to preserve the distinctive elements of the façade while providing user comfort by employing the best contemporary materials available. The designers’ expectations in this respect were also met in full thanks to the use of ALUPROF’s MB-77HS HI lift-and-slide door system. Again, this is a solution with outstanding thermal parameters.

Bringing panoramic glazing into play so that the living space opens onto an inner garden provides unhindered contact with the surroundings and lets light stream in. The sweeping expanses of glass are also a vital element of the interior décor. They create an atmosphere of comfort, warmth and security, which not only helps the residents to relax, but also improves their well-being.

If patio doors are to function properly, they need to be constructed from materials which are of the highest quality and meet stringent technical standards. The ALUPROF MB-77HS is most certainly one example of this, offering functionality, comfort, aesthetics and energy efficiency in one system. The structure of the MB-77HS profile makes it possible to build luxury, large-scale, single- or double-glazed doors. At the same time, the materials and technical solutions mean that a high level of warmth and acoustic protection can be obtained. As Bożena Ryszka, Marketing and PR Director for ALUPROF SA explains:

Given the thermal breaks used in the MB-77HS, along with the additional accessories and insulating inserts, the system can boast excellent insulation parameters. The special shape of the stop seals and glazing gaskets, together with the right hardware, ensure high air-and watertightness.

Thanks to the combination of nineteenth-century aesthetics and state-of-the-art technologies, Budapest’s Jazz Loft Apartments development has become one of the most luxurious residential buildings in the Hungarian capital. Thanks to ALUPROF’s innovative systems, the former mill has been given a new lease of life and provides its residents with peace and quiet, warmth, comfort and security.