SOLIDARITY WITH UKRAINE. ALUPROF breaks off collaboration with companies from Russia and Belarus

As soon as the war broke out in Ukraine, ALUPROF, together with all the other companies of Grupa Kęty, made its categoric opposition to acts of aggression there clear in the decision to put a halt to its collaboration with companies in Russia and Belarus with immediate effect.

We have been observing the criminal actions beyond our eastern border with great concern and we have made, and continue to make, every effort to help the Ukrainian people. Values like peace, freedom, solidarity, respect and the protection of human life and health are inherent to our brand. The criminal actions of the Russian aggressor in Ukraine stand in absolute contraction to our moral principles. Given the savage behaviour of the Russian forces on Ukrainian soil, we view breaking off our collaboration with the aforementioned companies as the only fitting decision we could take, even though it will have numerous business consequences.

It is our profound belief that, in the face of these tragic events, the solidarity of the entire business world will contribute to a significant weakening of the Russian economy and, consequently, to the cessation of hostilities and Russia’s withdrawal from Ukrainian territory.

We hope that our declaration will be met with your understanding and that we may count on your support. We believe that actions of this kind make sense and have an impact on the world’s geopolitical situation. This is a dimension where corporate responsibility needs to resound with much greater strength. United we stand.