New hinges - FAPIM MONACO - have been added to the ALUPROF SA product range. They can be used primarily in MB-79N and MB-86(N) system doors, and their load-bearing capacity allows them to handle sashes weighing up to 240 kg, opening inwards and outwards.

The advantages of these hinges include:

  • simple machining - no milling required, 
  • 8 holes of the same diameter,
  • special nylon washers on the hinge and attachment parts to eliminate the bridging effect, 
  • hinge sleeves fixed in the "0" position without the need for adjustment during assembly,
  • very quick assembly of the door sash to the frame, chamfered holes in the hinge body for faster, safer and easier assembly of the sash to the frame,
  • stepless and independent adjustment in 3 directions: ±0.8 mm between sash and frame, 0 - 4 mm in height with door closed and ±2 mm at sash clamp,
  • universal use, no CNC required, 
  • torx fastening screws with special anti-twist taper,
  • stock optimisation due to number of versions and solutions, the same hinge for MB-79N / MB-86(N) system.

FAPIM MONACO hinges represent robust fittings - the ALUPROF system doors fitted with these hinges have been successfully tested for 200,000 cycles.  

These hinges have been included in the MB-CAD and MB-SOFT (LogiKal) calculation software and are described in the catalogue "FITTINGS CATALOGUE 2 - DOORS - TECHNICAL PART" available in our authorisedarea 

In the section "Fittingslibrary / Fittings supplier materials / FAPIM" a detailed catalogue of these hinges and instructions in a pdf file has been uploaded, and an instructional video showing their construction, installation and adjustment is also available. 

Note: As part of the FAPIM MONACO hinges promotion, the distributor of hinges is offering 2 hinges free of charge to the first 100 customers. In addition, the 4 companies with the best sales between January and June 2023 will be invited to FAPIM's headquarters in Italy for a 2-3 day tour of the company.

We encourage you to have a look at these fittings and use them in your door production.