Do you do the best you can for the environment? Then choose aluminum windows by ALUPROF!

Apartments and homes featuring high insulation and utilizing renewable energy sources are currently the most economical investment on the new and second-hand markets. When buying a property, though, it is worth paying attention to the basics; in other words, the materials and solutions used. An excellent place to start that verification is with the proverbial ‘window on the world’. Literally! A crucial first step for anyone who cares about the environment is to take an interest in the raw materials their windows are made from.

Poles want their homes to be energy efficient. And energy efficient is eco-friendly!

Buying a home or even finishing it is a process fraught with difficulties, particularly for people who are equipping the place they intend to live in for the rest of their lives or a long-term rental. The latest reports and trends indicate that all of us are becoming steadily more aware of what we are actually buying. As prices rise, our expectations of developers are increasing, and those expectations include environmental protection. Why? Because that aspect is closely connected with a property’s energy efficiency and, as a result, with its utility costs.

A report compiled by Polish property listings website Otodom in 2020 shows that 88% of people looking for a newly built home consider the use of ecological solutions in the construction to be an important issue influencing their decision to buy. Photovoltaic panels, energy efficiency and heating systems that use renewable energy sources are particularly important. When it comes to energy efficiency, it is not only those aspects which are crucial, along with the design and volume of the building. Insulation is equally as vital and that means the best possible air leakage and water penetration parameters for the windows and doors.

Aluminum. A raw material with superb environmental credentials

Green building is first and foremost about making sensible choices. When we buy a home in a ‘green development’, we are supporting best practices and the use of optimum materials at every stage of the construction process. This means that, while we are making such an important, life-changing decision, it is certainly worth giving attention to the materials the developer is using.

One of the most highly rated raw materials is aluminum. It is obtained by reducing the impurities in bauxite ores and by deoxidizing. Its exceptional lightness, workability, and resistance to corrosion, together with the fact that it is simple to recycle, make it one of the most environmentally friendly aggregates in the world. Moreover, when it is recycled, it loses none of its unique properties, meaning that it can be used more or less indefinitely.

Windows for the years. Aluminum solutions by ALUPROF

Aluminum windows are by no means a case of love at first sight for a great many home buyers, despite their inarguable eco-credentials. This is because they are perceived as ‘high cost’. However, what often gets forgotten is that, in comparison with traditional solutions, they are a more certain investment in the long term on account of their properties. Aluminum windows provide greater durability and weather resistance than their wooden and PVC counterparts.

The most ecological and innovative range of solutions on offer are created by ALUPROF S.A., a Polish manufacturer and leader of the European aluminum joinery market. The company’s solutions form the basis for lightweight, spectacular constructions made using cutting-edge technology and applying a scrupulous eye for detail and aesthetics. ALUPROF’s MB-104 PASSIVE window and door system is one that is well worth a closer look. It offers the highest possible thermal and acoustic parameters, and was designed specifically for energy-saving building. Another of the company’s solutions worth investing in is its MB-79N window, which was developed in line with the latest version of the Technical Conditions. The MB-97N is a recent addition to the ALUPROF range, and provides users with top-end quality at an optimum cost level.