An intrusion-resistant home ALUPROF’S burglar-resistant solutions

Summer is an eagerly awaited time of relaxation and travel. Unfortunately, though, it is also the season when break-ins increase dramatically. The police appeal for neighborly vigilance, common sense, and kindness, but these measures all have their limits. One excellent solution is to secure a home by using ALUPROF’s products when it is being built or renovated.

When manufacturers design solutions in this sphere, their aim is to increase resistance to mechanical interference and lengthen the time that criminals will need in order to force open a door or window. Very often, a resistant product of this kind will effectively deter a burglar or lead to them being spotted by a random witness.

What should guide our choices?

Information as to how difficult secure windows and doors are to force is provided by their Resistance Class (RC) ratings. RC certifications are issued on the basis of harmonized European standards, and they attest to the quality of a given solution. This means that, if a product has a name that features ‘burglar-resistant’ or ‘burglar-proof’, but there is no indication that it holds an RC certificate, then we can assume that it is not fit for purpose and will fail to provide the expected protection.

The levels of RC rating range from 1 to 6, reflecting the kind of tools a burglar might use and the length of time that the product will resist an attempted intrusion. RC1 is the rating for solutions which can withstand the physical force of kicks and being battered by a fist. RC2 indicates security against break-ins carried out with small tools such as a screwdriver or pliers. There is also an N variant, where there are no requirements concerning the resistance of the glazing. In this case, standard glass can be used, as long as the other elements of the product demonstrate the appropriate security. RC3 indicates that the product hampers break-ins attempted using additional tools, such as a cordless drill, for instance. RC4, RC5 and RC6 describe products that are secured to hinder experienced criminals planning to use power tools.

Roller shutters that are a challenge to a jimmy

Police statistics indicate that the points which most frequently provide burglars with a way into our property are the windows. The right roller shutters can offer protection against this. So, what should we focus on when we make our choices?

Burglars often try to get inside a home by prizing open a roller shutter and then lifting it. In response to this, ALUPROF has designed two burglar-resistant roller shutter systems, the RC3 SAFETY PREMIUM and the RC2 SAFETY PLUS. They feature a special rachet, which prevents the shutter from being jimmied open and lifted when it is closed. The rachet is located in the bottom slat. Like the guides, that slat is reinforced, making it more difficult to pull out the individual profiles. The structure of the roller shutter is robust and durable and the use of extruded profiles in the curtain enhances its impact resistance. These burglar-resistant structures can be used in adaptable and flush-mounted systems.

Secure patio glazing

When it comes to security, patio doors are another critical point. On the one hand, everyone would like relish expansive sweeps of glazing that connect the interior of their home and their outdoor space. On the other hand, they give us cause for concern, leading us to worry about whether we are simply making things easier for criminals.

The ALUPROF MB-77HS lift and slide door system is an excellent way of reconciling comfort and security. It is available in two thermal insulation variants, the ST and the HI. In addition, it provides a high level of acoustic protection. The custom-designed profiles make it possible to create large-scale doors and the system, which has an RC2 rating, also features closed form glazing beads and protection against jimmying.

A manufacturer that responds to our needs

Most ALUPROF products, regardless of type, can be adapted and equipped with anti-burglary protection features. One example of this is the company’s window systems. Both the highly popular MB-79N system and the MB-104 PASSIVE, which is designed for energy-efficient and passive buildings, can be adapted to meet anti-burglary requirements ranging from RC1 to RC3. This provides the developer with a product which features excellent performance parameters and will provide protection against intruders, as well. The ALUPROF range also includes specialist window systems with burglary-resistant ratings of RC3 for the MB-86 and RC4 for the MB-70.