Reconstruction and building work on the Żelazko, one of the most recognisable symbols of the Polish city of Poznań, has come to an end. Today, the famous Żelazko is a complex consisting of two apartment buildings. One is a faithful reproduction of the tenement on the corner and the other is its contemporary counterpart. The complex features advanced technological solutions by ALUPROF S.A.

A Poznań icon graces the city centre again

The much-loved Żelazko has a rich history. The splendid, Neo-Renaissance building was constructed on a distinctive, triangular plot of land where ulica Ogrodowa and ulica Krysiewicza intersect. It was one of the city’s architectural gems for years and, with its triangular form, it earned the nickname of Żelazko in a nod to New York’s famous Flatiron Building of the same shape. Then, in 2011, when the neighbouring building was being demolished, the Żelazko sustained such serious damage that the decision to pull it down had to made. Six years later, rebuilding began. Local developer Constructa Plus commissioned Poznań-based architects CDF Architekci. Led by Karol Fiedor, the team produced a design which proposed constructing a faithful reconstruction of the historical Żelazko and creating a complex by erecting an additional residential wing. Two years on, the Żelazko is once again a feast for the eyes. The original cubage capacity has been retained and the details have been painstakingly restored. At the same time, there is now a wealth of cutting-edge functionality and contemporary architectural solutions.

Modernity and history meet again

The historical section is crowned by a distinctive turret that chimes wonderfully with the contemporary style of the additional building. Both sections are residential and the complex is completed by retail and service premises on the ground floor and a two-level, underground parking facility. Flats with terraces on the roof have been created where the attic has been raised and the greenery there corresponds to the revitalised green square. The square, which is a public space where local residents can relax, makes the complex even friendlier. The contemporary architectural thinking apparent in the building from ulica Krysiewicza can also be seen in the choice of building materials, including the aluminium window and door systems.

Bożena Ryszka, ALUPROF’s Marketing and PR Director, provides some details:

Aluminium windows were used in the entirely new section of the building, as were aluminium balcony and terrace doors. We recommended our newest window and door system, the MB-70, for the development. Its outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation parameters facilitated the production of a number of demanding external construction elements, including windows, doors, shop windows and spatial structures, all of which provides the residents with peace and quiet, warmth and comfort, The use of the MB-70 also means that the annual heat loss has been significantly reduced without compromising the building’s aesthetics. This is because the shape of the profiles makes it possible to obtain slender but durable door and window constructions with excellent anti-burglary properties. Our MB-70RC4, for instance, holds an RC4 classification. The lightness of the structure fits perfectly with the historical nature of the building alongside it.

Additional safety is provided to the Żelazko’s residents by the ALUPROF MB-60E EI system, which provided the basis for the double fire doors.

The state-of-the-art, semi-structural façade of the new building is most certainly noteworthy. Thanks to the ALUPROF MB-SR50N EFEKT system, it proved possible not only to achieve an aesthetically impressive, smooth glass wall, but also to bring more light into the interior, creating an unrepeatable atmosphere. Equally as important here are the façade’s thermal insulation qualities. The airtightness parameters mean that the building consumes far less energy. The design for the façade was rounded off by the ALUPROF MB-86 door system, with the glass set into the door.

Already an award winner

The design itself has already won three prestigious prizes. One is the Budma International Construction and Architecture Fair 2020 Architecture Award. The competition is organised annually by the Republic of Poland’s Chamber of Architects and this year’s jury selected the new Żelazko for its outstanding aesthetics and the quality of both its execution and functionality. The other two awards came from the Top Builder competition organised by the Builder publishing house. The competition features a Development category for developers, designers and general contractors. One award in that category went to the general contractor for the Żelazko project, PORR S.A., and the other went to developer Constructa Plus Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.