ALUPROF staff become Passive and Energy-Efficient Building Masters

For the leading Polish manufacturer of innovative aluminum joinery solutions, ALUPROF S.A., development means more than giving rise to unique knowledge that serves to change the construction industry. This is a company which knows that its people are its most important assets and invests in their professional growth. Recently, this has led to some of the staff taking part in a training program run by Akademia Zdrowego Budownictwa (the Healthy Building Academy). The course has been accredited by the Passive House Institute, which is based in Darmstadt, Germany.

For some time now, energy-efficient and passive building have been more than just a trend. In the face of climate change, they have become a necessity and one of the most dynamic directions of development in the sector. The academy’s course, Passive and Energy-Efficient Building Masters, is devoted to the topic, as the very name itself tells us. It runs for ten weeks and the subjects it addresses include maintaining energy balance, the process and monitoring of construction work and innovative solutions for supplying air, heat, cooling and water.

The focus of the course is important on account of current trends in combating climate change and of the construction laws in force. From the beginning of 2021, all newly constructed buildings have to meet far stricter energy-efficient requirements than ever before. This is why the course has been created for a wide range of actors connected with the construction process, ranging from contractors and architects, via construction engineers and plant designers, to the banking and real estate sectors.

Solutions designed for the future

The properties of aluminum mean that it is often referred to as a ‘material of the future’ and is readily used in modern construction in general. The fact that it is also a regular feature of energy-efficient and passive projects is borne out by the numerous systems with exceptional parameters that appear in ALUPROF’s portfolio.

Małgorzata Wojtasik, Sales Director and Board Member of ALUPROF S.A., fills in a few details:

ALUPROF’s mission is to forge new trends and develop solutions to problems faced by the construction industry in terms of climate change and of creating buildings that are energy-efficient and, at the same time, reduce carbon footprints. This is why we place particular emphasis on staff development and acquiring key skills.

The training programming was created by architect Kamil Wiśniewski. His experience, gained over a range of projects, including developments in Germany and Austria, totals more than 75,000 square meters of space designed to the passive standard. He is also the co-author of scientific and research papers on energy-efficient building. He has been running specialist training courses of nine years now, with more than two thousand, two hundred attendees to date.