ALUPROF introduces a new series of AG panelled doors

Front doors are one of the most important elements of a home. The functions they should fulfil go beyond the aesthetic and protective, so it is also worth giving attention to their heat retention properties and their watertightness. With this in mind, Polish aluminium ALUPROF is introducing a new series of AG front doors onto the market. The range is based on ALUPROF’s own MB-70, MB-86 and MB-104 PASSIVE systems.

Experience, aesthetics and functionality

ALUPROF’s aluminium exterior doors are an offer ideally suited to contemporary trends in the construction industry. The company’s many years of experience have equipped it to create a design featuring a unique combination of innovative technologies while keeping the price accessible. This time, the result is the debuting AG series in the form of sixteen new panel models. The doors from the range are built on the basis of elements with extruded polystyrene foam infills. This provides extremely high insulation, helping to maintain the thermal conditions inside the home. Dilation is used not only in the profiles, but also in the panels, inuring the doors to the stress arising from temperature differences, enhancing the comfort of using them and decidedly increasing their durability.

The new AG series is offered in a range of sixteen infill models, with a choice of finishing including twenty-four woodgrain-type coatings and all the colours on the RAL palette. The panel elements can be milled, decorated with inlays or made in insulated glass. The light, rigid and hardwearing profiles mean that doors of very large dimensions of up to 1.4 metres wide and 2.6 metres high can be constructed.

The decorative infills are available in three versions, which vary in their structure; the BASIC, inset version, the CLASSIC, bonded on one side and the EXCLUSIVE, bonded on both sides.

The hardware available for the AG panelled door series covers a range of pulls, including models set into the panel, as well as handles, faceplates and roses. They vary in terms of material and shape. ALUPROF’s doors can also be fitted with cutting-edge technological elements such as fingerprint scanners, closers with a delayed reaction time, remote control mechanisms operated by a traditional remote, a button or a smartphone, and a handy, transponder-operated unlocking system. In order to enhance the security parameters, the AG panelled doors can be fitted with RC2-class burglary-resistant solutions.

Meeting the highest standards

One of the questions to be born in mind when choosing a door is the UD heat performance coefficient; the lower the value, the better the insulation provided by a product. ALUPROF’s front doors are available in a construction with a UD coefficient of 0.44 W/(m2K). Another important technical aspect is watertightness, ranging on a scale from 3A to 9A. ALUPROF offers E1200-class (1200 Pa) solutions.

The AG series of panelled doors has been designed on the basis of ALUPROF’s MB-70MB-86 and MB-104 PASSIVE systems, all of them products with excellent thermal isolation parameters. The MB-86 and MB-104 Passive. which are designed for energy-saving and passive building, are the company’s most technologically advanced systems.

Our updated FRONT ENTRY DOORS AG series is now available. Check it out!