Aluprof is launching an innovative, panoramic, sliding door system, the MB-SKYLINE TYPE R. Characterised by lightness and aesthetic appeal, it makes it possible to design glass walls with no limit to the length and invisible frame parts, while meeting the most rigorous technical requirements.

The MB-SKYLINE TYPE R panoramic, sliding door system with a concealed frame features a concealed frame and narrow profiles, giving the construction an on-trend, minimalist look offering panoramic views. Doors created using this structure give a building an exceptional style and enhance the status of an entire development.

Door leaves built with the MB-SKYLINE TYPE R are concealed in the bottom and top frames. If the variant equipped with a motor or with a lock on the mullion is selected, then the side profiles are also concealed. The frame itself has been designed for maximum user comfort and is therefore as slender as can be achieved, with a depth of just 23mm. The width of the mullion has also been reduced to a minimum, with the only visible joint measuring a mere 25mm. The structural depth of the door profiles is seventy-one millimetres and, of the frames, one hundred and ninety millimetres. 

The leaves of the ALUPROF MB-SKYLINE TYPE R doors are made using cutting-edge, environmentally friendly materials which provide the highest of thermal isolation parameters. The thickness of the glazing is also crucial, so triple glazing of fifty-two to sixty millimetres has been used. The custom-designed, externally mounted motor is equipped with a radio receiver and a security radar receiver, meaning that the mechanism can be operated remotely. Excess moisture is removed via a state-of-the-art drainage system, complete with guttering.

The maximum height of a MB-SKYLINE TYPE R door is no less than four metres and, if the motor is fitted on the outside, then the moving structure can weigh as much as seven hundred kilos. This affords the possibility of designing spectacular glass walls. The user’s comfort is ensured by the innovative structure of the movable leaves and gaskets. The leaves may be massive, but no great effort is required to slide them open and closed and the mechanism that operates them is almost soundless. Aesthetic silent seals can be used for the frames, making the everyday use of the door even easier. The rollers in the frame are available in stainless steel or an elegant black polyamide.