COP26 - step ahead

As the world struggle to fight against climate change at Glasgow, Scotland, COP26 gives us growing embrace of efforts to fight crisis as both a business necessity and an opportunity to develop.

There is a growing consensus that the private sector must be also involved if the world is to avoid catastrophic global warming. U.N. climate summit in the Scottish city of Glasgow shows different solutions how it’s possible to switch into low carbon economies around the world through a numerous public investments.

All efforts go along with the 2015 Paris climate accord — which calls for reducing carbon dioxide emissions and other efforts to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels.

As one of the world’s biggest economic ecosystems, the construction industry has a major part to play in achieving global sustainability goals. Building “Ecosystem” refers to the full life cycle (design, materials manufacturing, construction, usage, and demolition) of all residential and commercial buildings and infrastructure.

The World Green Building Council provides an international report on the business case for green building, bringing together a range of industry views and the most robust research and current thinking on the topic. The report provides evidence to support the uptake of green buildings and sustainable design globally in a clearly written, visually compelling format aimed at industry leaders.

Here you can learn more: https://www.bgbc.bg/en/News/In...

Aluprof provides many solutions for modern architecture where eco-design is the heartbeat of all answers. Passivehaus certified and high energy efficiency products, Cradle to Cradle Certified™ approach and as an additional advantage the possibility of choosing low carbon aluminium billets to be used in manufacturing aluminium profiles that may drastically decrease total embodied carbon footprint of the building performance.

Climate change is a defining concern of the modern era, and governments, businesses and individuals are seeking ways to reduce their impact on the environment. Together with Bureau Veritas Aluprof has measured it’s operation’s environment impact and worked on a long term decarbonisation strategy. As results Aluprof presented a short and long term of climate sensitive strategy aiming to be climate neutral by 2050.

Among the many pro-environmental activities, one should mention investments in optimization of the production process, purchase of green energy, technological implementations resulting from ISO 14001 environmental management, conducted EPD analysis, C2C certification and cooperation with suppliers to optimize the process throughout the entire supply chain.

Among the next activities, it is also worth emphasizing the use of the aluminium recycling process in creating low-emission ingots as part of cooperation with the Kęty Capital Group - a supplier of aluminium ingots to produce modern solutions. The advantages of recycling aluminium is obvious!

So what are the benefits of recycling the aluminium?

Due to the fact that aluminium is highly recyclable into other goods and never should be disposed of in the landfills. When you recycle aluminium, you lower the need for mining raw ore to refine additional aluminium. Bauxite is the primary ore that contains a mix of hydrous aluminium oxides necessary to refine aluminium for manufacturing purposes. Since raw ore requires an exorbitant amount of energy to process into usable aluminium, recycling this metal saves on energy. Another benefit of recycling aluminium is keeping it out of landfills. It is such a waste to treat used aluminium items this way when you dispose of them since they are so highly recyclable. The planet will benefit from recycling aluminium since reduced carbon footprint. It can be even four time lower to compare with prime production. The ability to recycle the aluminium never ends since you can recycle each product made from new and used aluminium. This fact makes it an extremely sustainable metal possible to replay into circular economy. Today, all efforts to reduce the impact on the natural environment matter, hence the call to the industry - let's build a better future together.

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