Not for the first time, ALUPROF SA has confirmed its strong market position. This time, as the creator of cutting-edge aluminium systems and innovative solutions for energy-saving and passive buildings, we have been awarded the title of Good Brand in two categories.

The programme is organised by the editorial team of the ForumBiznes.pl (Business Forum) website and this is the twelfth time they have put companies operating on the Polish market under the microscope. The aim is to identify those with the most ambitions and the ability to turn them into success. The aspects taken into consideration include the value, activity and recognition of a given brand. ALUPROF received high ratings in all the categories. As a result, our company earned the title of ‘Good Brand 2021 - Quality, Trust & Reputation!’

This was not the only award, though. The analysis was extended to include an acknowledgement of companies which have a long tradition, an established market position, widespread recognition, a consistently high product or service quality and their clients’ long-standing trust. ALUPROF has a track record of success in all those areas, as well, which is confirmed by the fact that we were awarded an additional, special title, ‘Polish Good Brand 2021 - Quality, Trust & Reputation!’

‘Good Brand’ is a nationwide promotional programme which aims not only to single out brands that have made, and continue to make, their mark on the market, but also to help consumers to make informed choices.