A Rock Star in Budapest. The Hard Rock Hotel, featuring ALUPROF systems

In recent years, Hard Rock International has been playing a steadily growing role in the global hospitality industry. One of the chain’s newest venues has opened in Budapest. The renovations to the historical building which has become the Hard Rock Hotel include top-end aluminium joinery

A Rock Star in Budapest

On the corner of Ó and Nagymező streets, a new spot characteristic of the sixth district of the Hungarian capital, Budapest, can now be seen. The hotel, designed by Stúdió 100 Építésziroda Kft, features an eclectic elevation which boldly makes its mark amidst the surrounding architecture. Hard Rock’s buildings are iconic spots with throngs of fans. In line with the architects’ intentions, the façade on the Nagymező street side provided the basis for the renovation of the entire space. The building has one hundred and thirty-six rooms spread over six storeys. The average size of the rooms is twenty-five square metres. Beneath the hotel is a two-level, underground garage with parking for seventy cars. Thanks to the Hard Rock, Budapest now boasts a state-of-the-art restaurant offering an international menu. The hotel also offers the Lobby Bar and Premium Café, a small conference centre, a gym and the Rooftop multifunctional entertainment space located, as the name suggests, on the roof! Meanwhile, the Rock Shop provides a range of souvenirs and fashion collections.

An aluminium crown

The design conceived by Stúdió 100 provides two separate and stylistically different building complexes which reflect the harmony of traditional and contemporary architecture that is the modern-day Budapest. This was made possible by the elevation of the ‘new’ part, the Hard Rock Hotel, which was created using curtain wall technology which forms the basis for the building’s distinctive look. This modern method was also employed for the windows and doors of the historical walls, replacing the traditional wooden products.

During the design and construction process for the Hard Rock Hotel Budapest Hotel, consideration was only given to architectural solutions which meet the most rigorous technical conditions. Rapid delivery was a must, while certified seals of approval and the cost-performance ratio were also vital factors. The upshot was the decision to work with systems by ALUPROF, a European leader of the aluminium joinery sector.

Cutting-edge architectural systems

Several ALUPROF products were installed in the distinctive elevation and inside the building. Two curtain wall systems, the MB-SR50N HI+, with visible, slender dividing lines and the MB-SR50N EFEKT, are not only perfectly suited to the aesthetic concept, but they also meet high thermal insulation requirements. The elevation features large windows and doors created on the basis of ALUPROF’s MB-86 solution, which had provided a superb response to the expectations for excellent energy-saving, heat-conserving and noise-countering properties. The designers also employed the ALUPROF MB-86 FOLD LINE folding door, which serves as the entrance to the foyer and restaurant of the Hard Rock Hotel Budapest.