MB-45S Doors with clamp hinges without a thermal barrier

MB-45S Doors with clamp hinges without a thermal barrier

  • 130 kg
    Max weight of the sash (door / window)
  • H up to 2400 mm; L to 1250 mm
    Max dimensions of the door leaf (H × L)

The MB-45S system is intended for constructing doors equipped with mortise hardware and the partition walls equipped with door. It is a part of the MB-45 window/door system.

The structural depth of the sections is equal to 45 mm. The glass panels and other in-fill materials are mounted with the help of glazing beads and gaskets. The door structure allows application of the sets of glass panels of the thickness equal from 2 mm to 26 mm.

The products based on the MB-45S system are aesthetic and have good functional qualities. They are characterised by a very simple and fast prefabrication, thanks to elimination of the majority of time-consuming mechanical working processes. Owing to the applied special grooves, the profile structure allows mounting various types of hinges, fasteners and bolts, without much work. The profile joining is performed with minimum work, using the aluminium joints and additional accessories, like in the case of MB-45. The exterior and interior glazing gaskets are mounted in a continuous manner, without cutting in the corners, by joining ends of the gaskets at half length of the upper door frame crossbar. Such a way of glazing guarantees good tightness against water and shortens the mounting time significantly. The whole mounting process allows offering structures that are economic and fulfil high functional requirements at the same time.

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