MB-TT50 Mullion-transom curtain wall


MB-TT50 Mullion-transom curtain wall

  • Uf from 0,5 W/(m2K)
    Thermal insulation
  • class AE 1350 Pa EN 12153:2004;
    EN 12152:2004
    Air tightness
  • class RE 1800 Pa EN 12155:2004;
    EN 12154:2004
  • 2700 Pa EN 12179:2004,
    EN 13116:2004
    Wind tightness

The new, modern MB-TT50curtain wall system goes a step ahead in functionality and effectiveness compared to classic crossbar facades.

It offers exceptional insulation and weather performance achieved by special 3 zone cascade drainage and ventilation of the glazing rebates. Its innovative construction enables to reasonably reduce the time required to manufacture and construct the complete curtain wall. It is designed to serve as the base system for security anti burglary and fire rated varieties.

Features and benefits:

  • enhanced thermal insulation
  • glazing up to 56 mm
  • large selection of angle connections to enable greater design flexibility
  • high capacity mullion-transom connections (2,5 KN) coupled with wide range of glazing to allow the use of large size, heavy glazing panes
  • transom-transom constructions option
  • 3 zone drainage and ventilation system reinforced with set of gaskets to provide protection against the most unfavorable weather conditions
  • selection of windows and doors available including roof vents, concealed vents and parallel windows
  • semi structural EFEKT glazing option
  • compliance with CE marking requirements

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