MB-SR50N OW Awning-parallel outward-opening window

MB-SR50N OW Awning-parallel outward-opening window

  • class 4 EN 12207
    Air tightness
  • E 1650 EN 12208
  • class C5 ,EN 12210
    Wind tightness

The awning-parallel opening window is a structure based on aluminium profiles with a thermal break. This allows to fabricate large-size & high performance windows.

The structure of the awning-parallel opening window has been designed in two glazing options:

  • standard glazing with an external strip to fix the glazing and emphasize the outline of the window
  • as a frameless construction, where the structural silicone is used to bond the outer pane to the aluminium frame – opening windows are in no way different from the adjacent fixed areas.

In order to attain the highest performance with regard to thermal and sound insulation, the newest technical solutions of thermal breaks and glazing gaskets have been introduced. Furthermore, a very efficient ventilation and drainage system has been designed, which ensures a long-lasting and failure-free operation of the window.

Max dimensions and weight of MB-SR50N OW constructions:

  • awning: L up to 2000 mm, H up to 2630 mm, max. weight: 180 kg
  • parallel outward-opening: L up to 2000 mm, H up to 3000 mm, max. weight: 440 kg
  • side-opening version: L up to 970 mm, H up to 2000 mm, max. weight: 47 kg

Those windows use 28-41 mm thick glazing units.

Awning constructions with suitable drives can also be used as smoke exhaust windows

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