MB-SR50N HI Mullion and transom curtain wall with high thermal performance

MB-SR50N HI Mullion and transom curtain wall with high thermal performance

  • AE 1200
    Air tightness
  • RE 1500 EN 12154
  • I5/E5 EN 14019
    Impact resistance
  • >0,85 W/(m2K)
    Thermal insulation Uf

The structure presented here is a version of MB-SR50N featuring enhanced thermal insulation performance.

The system is designed for the construction and execution of flat, light-weight curtain walls of the suspended or filling type, roofs, skylights and other structures. The shapes of profiles enable selection of mullion and transom profiles which flush with each other on the inside surface of the façade.

The MB-SR50N HI system features basic characteristics and possibilities inherent in the base construction MB-SR50N. The thermal insulation zone deserves a particular mention, though. Here, special two-component insulators have been applied. They are based on a HPVC insulator (or a set of insulators of appropriate width), which makes it possible to drive screws with high accuracy during the installation process at the building site. On both lateral surfaces of the insulator additional elements made of flexible material are attached (glued on), which enhance thermal insulation performance and limit the air flow in the space separating the infills of the façade. The insulator built in this way enables maintaining convenience and accuracy of mounting of a traditional façade, ensuring at the same time that very good thermal insulation parameters are attained – the heat transfer coefficient, depending on the applied profiles and accessories spans between 0,94 to ,.94 W/m2K. Likewise in the base version of the façade, the structure allows for installation of different types of infills, including glazing of large dimensions and two-chamber insulating glazing units. With regard to active elements, the MB-70HI doors and windows featuring enhanced thermal insulation performance are particularly recommended for façades of the HI series.

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