MB-70CW, MB-70CW HI Window-based warm-cold façade

MB-70CW, MB-70CW HI Window-based warm-cold façade

  • Uf from 1,43 W/(m2K)
    Thermal insulation
  • to class E750
  • to class C5
    Wind tightness

This system, based on the window structure of increased thermal insulation performance MB-70, is applied in building facades made of reinforced concrete or brick walls with window openings.

In this kind of façade there are two types of areas: “cold” and “warm” ones. “Warm” area comprises thermally-insulated windows installed before the façade face in the window openings. Whereas “cold” areas are formed by the in-between window strips protecting the structure and thermal insulation (e.g. mineral wool) against weather conditions.

Application of this system significantly shortens the time of building due to the possibility of “closing” the window openings prior to creating the in-between window strips and the external façade coating.

The MB-70CW system features very good thermal insulation performance (the value of heat transfer coefficient Uf - depending on the applied profiles - ranges between 1,49 and 1,99 W/m2K. The system also meets the aesthetic requirements demanded by architects and investors, as regards such types of facades. Looking from the outside, the difference in appearance between the “warm” and the “cold” zones is not visible as well as between fixed and openable elements. Looking from the outside of the building, the strips of visible aluminium profiles are very narrow - their width equals 78.5 mm, which makes the structure look slender and light. The MB-70 CW system is also available as an option with enhanced thermal insulation performance, i.e. MB-70CW HI, in case of which the value of heat transfer coefficient Uf – depending on the applied profiles and accessories – ranges from 1.43 tp 1.89 W/(m2K).

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