World Green Building Week with ALUPROF

World Green Building Week is the annual WGBC campaign to raise awareness of the impact of green building on the fight against climate change. Aluprof - a PLGBC member - has also joined this year's campaign, the celebration of which will take place between September 21-25, with another educational campaign.

This year's #ActOnClimate campaign promotes zero net worth buildings that support more environmentally friendly, climate resilient communities.

Why do we need #ActOnClimate in the construction industry?

Countries around the world are announcing climate disasters, and awareness of industry responsibility is growing. Building industry is responsible for 39% of global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions. We have to face the climate crisis and act against.

Over the course of five days, Aluprof will be presenting examples of distinguishing green buildings. Each of us has a role to play in a sustainable supply chain. Whether we design, manufacture or build a negative reduction on the natural environment can be provided.

The Polish Ecological Building Association PLGBC has joined the Advancing Net Zero project, a global project by the World Green Building Council, working on decarbonisation of the construction sector by 2050. As part of the cooperation, the network of green building councils from around the world develops tools, programs and resources to support this goal.

Net zero carbon buildings are needed for communities, for the planet and for the economy. #ActOnClimate # WGBW2020

Activities addressed to all interested parties, including employees, partners and brand supporters via Facebook and LinkedIn, the company's website. We invite you to have a look every day from September 21-25!

The Aluprof is official PLGBC partner - a member of the international GBC organization.

Find out more at: https://www.worldgbc.org/worldgreenbuildingweek