The innovative Winkhaus aluPilot window fitting has joined the ALUPROF range. A cutting-edge solution, it enables manufacturers to increase efficiency and speed up the production process by as much as ten minutes per window!

The aluPilot

The aluPilot fitting system facilitates rapid window assembly and uses fewer parts and tools. The solution offers the chance eliminating the most troublesome processes, such as punching the holes and cutting the connecting rods to length. The new concept involves an innovative assembly method. The parts are installed in the frontal rebate from the outside, using a handy assembly lever and are then attached to each other by means of seven rods of different lengths. The aluPilot means not only savings in time and running costs, but also increased efficiency.

The production process

Minimising the number of parts making up the fitting and simplifying the assembly affords the opportunity of reducing the window production process by around ten minutes. In addition, decreasing the range of ALUPROF fittings has rationalised the process of manufacturing aluminium parts and, by the same token, has made it possible for us to adopt an even more individual approach to clients. The ready-to-use parts and full assembly kit are supplied by the manufacturer, meaning that the transmission strips can be adjusted to the dimensions of the window.

Testing and certificates

Working together with the aluPilot manufacturer, August Winkhaus GmbH & Co. KG, ALUPROF had the opportunity of carrying out the certification of the aluPilot aluminium fittings in a German laboratory. A series of initial tests were conducted to verify properties such as air permeability, watertightness and wind load resistance. That enabled us to achieve the optimal configuration for testing the fittings in an external facility. The aluPilot holds a QM 328 certificate from ift Rosenheim. Winkhaus also undertook the monitoring and support of the testing procedure and certification of ALUPROF’s windows and doors at independent institutions.