It doesn’t have to be Christmas for us to hold out a helping hand. Sustainable business, the ALUPROF way

A modern company is more than innovative solutions and technologies. Large businesses blaze the trail for their entire sector, which is why making mindful decisions about production processes and social support is crucial. Ecology, assistance for smaller firms, help for the community and the education of its youngest members are all areas where brands with market influence should be dynamically active. Leading Polish aluminium systems manufacturer ALUPROF SA is part of this vital contemporary wave.

A mindful brand

ALUPROF S.A. produces window, door, garage door and roller shutter systems using high-quality aluminium. The company has also expanded abroad, making it one of the leaders of the European sector. During the process of designing and creating new solutions, its focus is on the development not only of its products, but also of its staff and the community around it. It is the company’s comprehensive and thoughtful collaboration which means that those products provide comfort and safety in the buildings they are used for. ALUPROF always aims to be mindful in what it does, which is why it places a powerful emphasis on ecological, innovative solutions which will create a healthy climate for as long as a building is in use. In addition to continually modernising its product line, it is also a trendsetter and takes part in initiatives which will help its team to develop. One of the company’s leading principles is to support the people who constitute it, from its staff to the architects using the systems they create.

Support for smaller firms

As well as being trendsetters, sector leaders should also support smaller businesses and the domestic market. Making a conscious selection of high-quality, Polish solutions has a positive impact on growing our country’s economy. ALUPROF has joined a government campaign which aims to encourage people to support this notion. Kupuj świadomie – wybieraj PRODUKT POLSKI (Buy mindfully! Choose a POLISH PRODUCT!), is intended to encourage people to use materials made in Poland. In order to promote the campaign on the Internet, ALUPROF created a series of infographics and other campaign-focused material for use on its social media pages.

A company is not only technology and innovation. It is also the people it is made up of. ALUPROF is focused not only on its own development, but also that of its clients, which is why it has opened up its fully digitised Alu-Digital platform to them. Companies manufacturing structures using ALUPROF’s solutions now have access not only to its complete product catalogue, but also to all sorts of other materials, including training-related documents and instructions. Throughout the process of implementing new technology, they can also count on technical support and help from the company’s experts. Alu-Digital is part of both ALUPROF’s sustainable development policy and its drive towards a completely ecological sector. The digitised database means that there is no need for a printed version of the catalogue, especially since the company’s clients receive a state-of-the-art computer with all the software they need to make full use of the platform already installed.

A flying start

ALUPROF has made the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) an inherent part of its operations. As a mindful business, it undertakes activities which help the local community. It supports the Kęty Group Children of the Podbeskidzie Region Foundation. From the outset, the foundation’s guiding principle has been that every child deserves an equal chance in life. Hence its motto, ‘a flying start’. The organisation is the patron of a number of children’s homes and young people’s centres, taking those in their care under its wing. It arranges access to additional educational opportunities for them and has established two programmes. One focuses on development through sport and the other, S jak Sztuka (‘A’ for Art), provides classes grounded in the arts. It also provides the young people with the chance of obtaining vocational experience. Once they leave the homes or centres, it helps them to find work and become independent, providing them with a flying start to adult life.

In a time of pandemic

There can be no doubt that 2020 has been a year with more than its fair share of challenges. As a mindful brand, ALUPROF has taken every possible step to ensure the safety of its staff, providing its sites with face shields, masks and all the other necessary preventative measures and resources. 

Another crucial aspect of the company’s personal battle against COVID-19 is its support for the people fighting on the front line, in other words, medical staff. The company’s Goleszów plant undertook the production and distribution of face shields which made their way to several facilities, including the Bielsko-Żywiec diocesan branch of the Roman Catholic charitable organisation Caritias. 

ALUPROF has also provided financial support for hospitals, mainly in the Bielsko-Biała region, where it has its headquarters. More than PLN 200 000 went to the Infectious Diseases Hospital in the Silesian city of Tychy and the ambulance service in Bielsko-Biała. Aid also went directly to the Voivodship Hospital and the Children’s Hospital in Bielsko-Biała, the Voivodship Hospital in Opole, the District Hospital in Chrzanów and Public Clinical Hospital No. 2 in Szczecin. This financial assistance made it possible for the facilities to buy equipment and materials ensuring the safety of their patients and staff.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is the guiding principle for ALUPROF at every level of its operations. From production to social initiatives, the company always considers the impact it has on its own community and the community around it. As far as building a mindful brand is concerned, ALUPROF sets an example to the entire sector, not only through its trailblazing innovations, but also through its actions.