When architects ask questions and offer suggestions, ALUPROF listens. The latest outcome of this approach is the company’s introduction of a new mullion and transom façade system to its range. The MB-SR60N is a cutting-edge solution which designers of contemporary office buildings are turning to with growing frequency. It is designed to be compatible with ALUPROF’s most popular façade system to date, the MB-SR50N.

Aluprof’s new mullion and transom façade

Products which meet all the requirements for energy-saving and passive building are of particular importance in the construction industry today, which is one of the reasons why aluminium mullion and transom façades are popular among architects. Elevations of this kind are created from lightweight curtain walls built using special aluminium profiles and glass. They provide unlimited possibilities for bringing even the boldest visions and concepts to life.

The latest solution from ALUPROF in this market segment is the MB-SR60N façade. The system began life as a base for custom-designed solutions for some of the most demanding projects of the moment, such as the Mennica Legacy Tower in Warsaw, which features the MB-SR60N MLT, and the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in the city of Gdynia on the Baltic coast.

State-of-the-art durability

One of the new system’s primary qualities is its durability. The width of the profile has been increased to 60 mm. As a result, the framework is more rigid in comparison to the MB-SR50N and less-deep profiles are possible. The extended width has also improved the proportions in terms of the depth and this, in turn, leads to the creation of better designs for the structures. The thickness of the glazing for the new system ranges between twenty-four and seventy-two millimetres, making it suitable for use in state-of-the-art insulated glazing units featuring very thick glass and a load-bearing capacity of up to 1 100 kilos. In addition, the increased space between the glass and the structure of the façade means that, in comparison to the MB-SR50N, increased buckling in the ceiling can be compensated for.

Superb technical parameters

Certificates issued by the Building Research Institute confirm the MB-SR60N’s high technical parameters for coefficients such as air permeability, wind load and watertightness. The certificates are supplemented by compression strength, shear load and impact resistance tests carried out at the ALUPROF Research and Innovation Centre in the southern Polish village of Ogrodzona. Two thermal variants are available; the MB-SR60N and the MB-SR60N HI+.

Unique design

Using the MB-SR60N gives architects the freedom to endow buildings with all kinds of forms, often highly fantastical ones. Contemporary office buildings presenting undulating façades to the world can be seen more and more often in the centres of Poland’s largest cities. Another version of ALUPROF’s latest mullion and transom façade solution is also available. The MB-SR60N EFEKT features a special system for attaching the glass to the mullions and transoms, creating an exterior which is a smooth, uniform image of a glass wall divided by a structure of twenty-four-millimetre-wide perpendicular and horizontal lines. One example of the MB-SR60N EFEKT in situ is the .KTW office building in the southern Polish city of Katowice.