ALUPROF has added a new product to its portfolio. The MB-79N window system, which is a state-of-the-art solution for creating external architectural elements where extremely good thermal and acoustic insulation parameters are required, is the successor to the company’s highly popular MB-70 system. It will be available as of January 2021.*

An economic product in a new, cutting-edge version

The MB-79N can be used for a broad range of structures, including fixed, turn, tilt, and tilt-and-slide windows, exterior doors, both single and double, and shop window-type solutions with doors.

Bożena Ryszka, Marketing and PR Director for ALUPROF S.A. explains succinctly:

We’re convinced that it won’t be long before our new product captures the interest and commitment of our clients and developers alike. Anyone looking for a window and door system that meets high requirements while maintaining an optimum cost level is going to appreciate the merits of ALUPROF’s MB-79N. It will be available within the same cost range as our MB-70HI.

Structure and insulation parameters

The MB-79N window profiles are 79 mm deep and those for the doors and the window and door jambs are 70 mm. Like a great many of ALUPROF’s systems, it is possible to create windows with a flush outer surface and jambs. For doors, this effect can also feature on the inside. The shape of the profiles means that a slender, durable structure can be built without sacrificing the excellent kinematics.

The system was developed with a view to meeting the newest Technical Conditions, which will come into force on 01.01.2021, i.e. UW for windows up to 0.9 W/(m2K) and for external doors UD up to 1.3 W/(m2K). The profiles are fitted with the latest in thermal insert technology, facilitating the production of structures featuring excellent heat insulation with a Uf thermal performance value from 0.83 W/(m2K).

Variants and compatibility

The ALUPROF MB-79N is available in three variants, which differ in terms of the level of insulation. The MB-79N E is the most economic solution, featuring a one-component, central gasket. The MB-79N ST provides a two-component gasket, while the MB-79N SI, which offers the best thermal insulation, is based on a profile fitted with dedicated insulating inserts in a thermal break zone and a two-component, central gasket.

In addition, the solution is compatible with two ALUPROF systems, the MB-86 and the MB-104 Passive, both of which are well-know to the company’s clients and much appreciated by them. This means that the same accessories and gaskets can be used, as can the most popular multi-point locking systems by renowned companies, including the latest fitting from Winkhaus, the AluPilot (we’re the only ones in Poland to offer it). The last-mentioned minimises the number of parts and simplifies the assembly, affording the opportunity of reducing the window production process by around ten minutes, which can translate into real time-savings of several per cent.

The compatibility of the systems also extends to the production process of the MB-79N, which requires many of the same tools as those used for the MB-86, including the same punch, for instance.

The wide range of profiles, particularly as far as the jambs and crosspieces are concerned, means that, like the MB-86, the MB-79N can be used to create all kinds of structures adapted in appearance to meet the client requirements and architects’ designs.

*The MB-79N door system is on sale from April 2021