Hotels featuring ALUPROF systems

Many of the hotels built in recent years not only follow the traditions of comfort, with solutions designed to provide guests with a pleasant stay. With growing frequency, they are also proving to be architectural gems. In order to obtain a synergy effect, designers are consciously turning to state-of-the-art aluminium systems. This article presents some top-end European examples featuring solutions from aluminium joinery sector leader ALUPROF SA.

Design and functionality

Architects working on luxury hotels outvie one another in designing distinctive forms and, at the same time, providing the users with the highest possible standards. Current trends in the development of the sector accommodate the requirements of the guests. The need to stand out not only in terms of what is offered, but also as regards the design itself, is the result of the immense competition on the hotel services market. Bringing the architects’ visions of windows, doors and façades to life is guaranteed when aluminium systems are used.

Some of the largest and best-known hotel chains have turned to ALUPROF’s products. Luxury, five-star buildings bearing the Hilton logo and featuring the Polish manufacturer’s aluminium architectural systems are springing up all over Europe. Some of the latest are located in London, Kiev and Warsaw. One of the ALUPROF products used in those buildings is the MB-SR50 HI+ mullion and transom system with increased thermal insulation. It is a tried and tested favourite for constructing flat, lightweight, suspended or infilled curtain walls as well as glazed roofs and skylights. The shape of the profiles makes it possible to select mullions and transoms to create the effect of a flush surface of separate elements when seen from inside the façade. The MB-SR50N HI has been thoroughly tested by ift Rosenheim (Institut für Fenstertechnik), where it received extremely high technical parameters.

As Bożena Ryszka, Marketing and PR Director for ALUPROF SA explains:

One thing that warrants particular attention is the system’s thermal insulation zone, where special, two-component insulators are used. They’re based on an HPVC insulator, which helps to ensure precision attachment during on-site assembly. Additional parts made of a flexible material are glued to the side surfaces, which increases the thermal isolation and reduces the movement of air in the space separating the infill of the elevation. With insulators made like this, it’s possible to retain the convenience and precision of assembling a traditional façade and, at the same time, ensure that high thermal insulation parameters are obtained The structure of the MB-SR50N HI means that various kinds of infill can be used, including large-scale panes of glass and double glazing.

A lifestyle-oriented approach to leisure and architecture

Bringing cutting-edge architectural trends into play while creating a space where guests feel absolutely free and at home is the aim being achieved by the founders of MOXY, an American, three-star hotel chain which is part of Marriot International. The lively, fun nature of MOXY hotels is perfectly served by sweeping glazing constructed using ALUPROF systems. The MOXYs in Milan, York, Southampton, Berlin and Munich, for instance, feature the company’s MB-70US window and door system with concealed casements and leaves which are invisible from the outside. This makes it possible to obtain an identical view of all the accommodation in a row of adjacent fixed and operable windows. Windows constructed using the MB-70US have an effective system for draining and ventilating the double-glazing and the space between the casement and the frames.

To take another example, the MOXY London Stratford is fitted with the HI version of the MB-70 system, meaning that it has additional insulation inserts slipped into the profiles. The use of solutions like this is a response to the continually growing demand from developers for energy-saving materials. The bay windows custom-designed for this building are an interesting decorative element. Apart from concealing the layers of the wall, they optically increase the interior space.

As Bożena Ryszka, Marketing and PR Director for ALUPROF SA puts it:

Collaborating with outstanding architects while prestigious hotels are being designed and built is an exceptional experience for our company. We’re delighted that ALUPROF’s solutions have won, and continue to win, recognition among designers in Poland and internationally. As a manufacturer of innovative systems for the construction industry, we can pride ourselves on our extensive portfolio of work, which is grounded in know-how and the specialists who put their expertise at the disposal of our co-operants. Thanks to that, we’re perceived as a tried and trusted business partner in the international arena and working together with us is seen as a guarantee of attaining the best possible results.

ALUPROF. Market leader and trendsetter

Year after year, prestigious hotels featuring ALUPROF’s products are built. They include the Donaublick Hotel in the German town of Scheer, where the MB-86 SI system, which provides excellent thermal insulation, was used. Another is the Radisson Blu Béke in Budapest, which is fitted with the MB-86 ST window and door system, the MB-86 Foldline external, folding door system and the MB-45 OFFICE partition system in both the fixed version and the version with operable doors. The aluminium joinery for the hotel in Vila do Conde, Portugal was made using ALUPROF’s MB-86 system. In London, the façade of the Ibis Styles Hotel was created using the company’s MB-TT50 mullion and transom curtain wall system with high thermal insulation, while the MB-59S window and door system was used for the glazing. Its slender frames and mullions make it possible to achieve a striking, flush glazed surface. The extensive interest in ALUPROF’s systems is the result of the company’s flexibility in tailoring its range to meet the requirements of architects and developers who favour simplicity of arrangement and top-end design.

ALUPROF SA is part of the Kęty S.A. Capital Group (Grupa Kęty S.A.), one of Poland’s most modern, innovative and rapidly developing businesses in the aluminium sector. The company’s intensive international activity has also made it one of the leaders of the sector in Europe, where it supplies high-quality solutions. As well as its five facilities located in Poland, in Bielsko-Biała, Opole, Goleszów, Ogrodzona and Złotów, the company has nine branches in Europe and the USA and is entering more markets around the globe. ALUPROF provides aluminium systems for window and doors, garage doors, industrial doors, commercial gates and roller shutters. The company also offers state-of-the-art façade and fire-resistant systems, burglar-resistant structures and energy-saving solutions for use in passive buildings.