ALUPROF presents the new MB-SKYLINE system at the Warsaw Build Fair

The 2019 Ogólnopolskie Forum Stolarki (Polish Joinery Forum) will be held on 3rd October, during the Warsaw Build Fair. The forum is the sector’s most important event and it will be accompanied by exhibitions and talks. ALUPROF will be presenting an innovative sliding door system with invisible frames at Warsaw Build. Leading window, door and façade producers showing their most groundbreaking solutions at one of the fair’s side events, the 1st Innovation Exhibition. ALUPROF is one of the new event’s main partners.

Warsaw Build is an international fair focused on building and finishing materials. This year, it will be held in Nadarzyn, which is situated around twenty kilometres/twelve miles south-east of Warsaw. The event will run from 3rd to 6th October. Every year, the visitors it attracts include architects, engineers, property developers and investors, construction companies, distributors and representatives from the academic world. 

One of the innovative solutions on show this year will be ALUPROF’s newest proposition, the MB-Skyline, which was created for residential buildings. A sliding door with an invisible frame, it is designed for individual clients who care not only about quality and functionality, but also about exceptional aesthetic values. 

As ALUPROF’s marketing and PR director, Bozena Ryszka points out:
The MB-Skyline combines design, functionality and energy-saving properties. The primary feature of our new system is the narrow profile, which lends the construction a minimalist appearance and gives an impression of extraordinary delicacy. The drive and central control units are hidden away inside the frame profile and the frame itself is concealed within the walls, floor and ceiling. This has enabled us to obtain not only on-trend, large-scale glazing, but also a panoramic view of the garden or terrace outside, while providing a threshold-free passage between the building and its surroundings. We’ve created a feeling of unrestricted space. This effective solution opens up a host of possibilities for architects and designers and, at the same time, affords a means of meeting the ever increasing expectations of clients. There’s much more to the MB-Skyline than high-end aesthetics, though. The system also provides first class thermal isolation, which is possible thanks to the use of treble glazing. 

ALUPROF is also one of the main partners of the 1st Innovation Exhibition, which is designed to promote the most spectacular, cutting edge joinery products. The exhibition is a side event at the Warsaw Build Fair, which is being held in parallel to the Warsaw Home Fair, a favourite fixture on the calendar for devotees of good design.