This year sees aluminium window and door systems manufacturer ALUPROF S.A. winning the highest distinctions in the Construction Brand of the Year ratings... and by no means for the first time, either. The awards are the result of contractors’ positive opinions on, and recommendations concerning ALUPROF’s window profiles and roller shutter systems. The company’s position as No. 1 in its sector is confirmed, as is the fact that it numbers among Europe’s leading manufacturers in the field.

The Construction Brand of the Year ratings are based on a national survey commissioned by ASM Market Research and Analysis Centre. Every year, more than three thousand construction industry businesses are asked for their opinions on the manufacturers of construction materials in Poland. Their answers are then analysed to identify the best Polish companies operating within this particular area of the economy.

This year, ALUPROF once again finds itself at the top of the ratings not once, but two times! The company has been awarded the prestigious Gold Construction Brand title and awards, one for its aluminium profile solutions for windows and the other for its roller shutter systems. The second distinction names ALUPROF as a Gold Champion, in other words, a company which enjoys many years of trust and the highest of opinions among contractors. The results are an exact repeat of the 2019 ratings.

Bożena Ryszka, Marketing and PR Director for ALUPROF S.A. sums the success up:

We’re delighted to have been identified as a Construction Brand of the Year, which confirms that ALUPROF’s solutions are unrivalled in the sector. However, our clients’ loyalty and trust matter to us even more, since they are what enable us to expand on our solutions, introduce innovations and build our brand strategy for forthcoming years.

The first Construction Brand of the Year awards ceremony was held in 2001 has enjoyed enormous interest and attendance on the part of the invited guests ever since. This year’s ceremony is planned for 10th October at the illustrious Windsor Hotel on ulica Jachranka in Warsaw. The evening will be hosted by celebrated theatre and film actor, director and cabaret artist Cezary Pazura.