Aluprof's MB-78EI, MB-86EI, MB-118EI fire-rated systems authorised for use in France

We are delighted to announce that France's institute Efectis France has issued Technical Approvals constituting an authorisation for the ALUPROF's MB-78EI, MB-86EI, MB-118EI fire-rated systems at the national level.

The French Technical Approvals—Procès-verbaux de classement (PV) permit the systems to be used to make internal doorsets with a rating of EI30 & EI60 and internal and external partitions with a rating of EI30, EI60 & EI120 which can be introduced onto the French market.  Moreover, the scope of the documentation for the MB-78EI and MB-86EIsystems by Aluprof SA allows the making and introducing of the entire range of internal and external fire doors and partitions onto the French market.

Details of the structures covered by the Efectis France documentation are presented in Supplement FR to the MB-78EI and MB-118EI catalogues, available from the authorised zone of our website after logging in.