ALUPROF partners the 2020 LEAF International Forum

The Leading European Architecture Forum (LEAF) is a prestigious event which brings together the foremost representatives of the building sector. Architects, engineers, designers, developers and contractors are all involved. This year’s edition focused on the topic of sustainable urban building and, in particular, on urban planning which pursues the concept of circularity within the built environment. As a European manufacturer of aluminium joinery, ALUPROF S.A. was one of the virtual event’s partners and had a voice in the discussion on the future of our cities and towns.

Worrying statistics. In other words, how to manage a crisis

This is the twentieth year that experts have gathered at the LEAF Forum to discuss future building projects, encourage shifts in thinking and promote good practice in the sector. The 2020 attendees turned their attention to the fact that more than half the world’s population currently lives in towns and cities, while forecasts suggest that this will have increased to two thirds by 2050. Huge conurbations consume more than seventy-five per cent of natural resources, produce fifty per cent of global waste and emit between sixty and eighty per cent of greenhouse gases. Experts consider that the enablement of, and shift towards, a more resource-efficient and circular building industry will make the built environment healthier and safer.

The well-being of future generations is in the hands of present-day decision makers

Transforming conurbations into ecological and sustainable cities and towns is one of the main tasks of building industry leaders. Multifaceted and multilevel involvement is a prerequisite for success, which is why the organiser of the 2020 LEAF Forum invited the participation of key players from the entire supply chain; developers, government officials, architects, interior designers, engineers, contractors and leading suppliers.

ALUPROF engages with sustainable development on a daily basis and the company’s representatives provided the Forum with strong strategic support. Aleksandra Baksik, ALUPROF’s Brand & Sustainable Management Manager, fills in some of the details:

The discussion concerning future building projects and their impact on both our comfort and the environment has been a priority for ALUPROF for a long time now. Forging a closer working relationship with the LEAF Forum is not only another step towards promoting the concept of sustainable cities. It’s also a chance to present our company’s vision and solutions… and, of course, it’s an excellent networking opportunity.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s forum was held as a virtual event. Topic-based e-chats which were a platform for the exchange of ideas and experience were provided, as were private 1-2-1 conversations. It was also possible to ‘meet’ the speakers and partners involved in organising the event.

More information is available at https://www.arena-international.com/leaf/