ALUPROF Features on the Rzeczpospolita List of Poland’s Most Important Companies

“Rzeczpospolita”, a national daily broadsheet, has published a jubilee listing of the companies which matter most to the Polish economy, being of vital significance to the state of their sector and to Poland’s growth and future. ALUPROF S.A. is one of those companies.

The companies most crucial to Poland

One of the country’s most influential media publications, “Rzeczpospolita” has topped the ratings for the most widely read newspapers in Poland. In 2020, it is celebrating its centennial and, as part of its 100 years of “Rzeczpospolita” events, it has published a listing, The 100 Most Important Polish Companies. It covers businesses with their registered headquarters in Poland and those selling their business solutions. The main factors which had an impact on the selection of the companies were their innovativeness, advanced technology, the unique nature of their solutions and their significance to clients, their sector and the economy. Financial results and stable growth were also important aspects under review.

ALUPROF is singled out again

In the section of the listing devoted to the construction sector, the focus was on developers and companies producing building materials. ALUPROF was pinpointed for its expanding network of branches in numerous European countries and in the USA. The company’s sales revenue, which exceeds EUR 340 million, was also a major consideration, as was the forty per cent share of that which is represented by exports. The fact that the company employs more than two thousand, three hundred people in Poland was taken into account by the “Rzeczpospolita” editorial team, as well.

The 100 Most Important Polish Companies report has been published and the awards will be presented at a special ceremony. This is the second time that ALUPROF has appeared on the prestigious newspaper’s listing this year, having previously made its way onto the “Rzeczpospolita 500 List", which ranks the largest and most rapidly growing companies in Poland.