ALUPROF Surges Ahead in Prestigious Brand Ranking!

“Press” magazine and PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów, an information agency focused on monitoring the media, are the two prominent organisations behind the Top Mark (Top Brand) 2018 rankings. The rankings encompass five hundred companies from fifty sectors and classify them in line with their media presence in terms of the number of times they feature and the nature of the mentions they receive. ALUPROF S.A. is a company with its roots in the southern Polish city of Bielsko-Biała. The company enjoys international renown as a leading European manufacturer of aluminium window, door and façade systems and, once again, it features on the list of the Poland’s strongest brands.

The Top Mark analysis for 2018 was broadened in scope by thirty-nine sectors and three hundred and eighty-three brands, making it the most extensive of its kind in Poland. It now covers more than seventy-three million items of material from the print, online and social media, an increase of twenty million on the analysis carried out for 2017. The methodology was also changed, further enhancing the level of precision in showing both the positioning of the companies and the nature and implications of their press coverage. The result is an indicator which makes it possible to compare brands across diverse types of media.

ALUPROF S.A., a European leader on the aluminium window, door and façade systems market, features as a top brand once again and has not only improved its position in the Construction Materials category, moving up a slot to take seventh place, but has also advance to the three hundred and twenty-seventh place in the overall ranking of all five hundred companies. ALUPROF is a constant presence in the media for a number of reasons, including the host of activities it undertakes in connection with architecture, research, development and education, ecology, sustainable development and green building, the highly regarded competition it holds for architects and, of course, the fact that the company’s aluminium systems feature in prestigious buildings all over the world.

ALUPROF’s marketing director, Bożena Ryszka, emphasises that: 

What matters to us is that the ALUPROF brand is spoken of not only frequently, but also well. We read our presence in the Top Mark 2018 ranking as confirmation that we’re succeeding in achieving that. At the same time, the fact that ALUPROF has found a place among our country’s strongest companies, the ones which are building the power of Polish brands together, is an enormous privilege.

This year, ALUPROF has already appeared in several other rankings. It features on the Rzeczpospolita 500 listing, which is run by the eponymous broadsheet and ranks Poland’s five hundred largest companies by revenue. The company numbers among the two hundred companies listed by “Wprost” weekly, which also creates two further categories, ranking a hundred Polish Ambassadors and fifty Polish Cheetahs. ALUPROF appears in both and has advanced dramatically on the full list. In addition, in the most important Polish rankings with a focused on markets compiled so far, the company has won the title of leader in the aluminium doors, windows and façades sector.