ALUPROF takes two market leader titles for the eleventh time!

The Ogólnopolskie Forum Stolarki (Polish Joinery Forum) is the most important sectoral event in the country. This year’s forum came to an end with the Joinery Market Leaders gala. A report provided by construction market research agency Centrum Analiz Branżowych (Sectoral Analysis Centre) provided the basis for identifying the companies which have achieved the best results in their sector over the past season. ALUPROF was singled out in two supplier categories, aluminium systems and roller shutters.

The 2nd Polish Joinery Forum took place on 3rd October during the first Warsaw Build Fair, which was held as a supplement to the Warsaw Home Fair, an event well-known to lovers of good design.

The forum’s culminating moment was a gala attended by almost four hundred representatives of more than two hundred businesses operating in the sector. The main point on the programme was the announcement of the rankings compiled by the Sectoral Analysis Centre on the basis of summarised sales results.

This was the eleventh edition of the rankings and, for the eleventh time, ALUPROF came out on top in two categories! The diplomas for the 2019 Joinery Market Leader as a supplier of aluminium systems and as a supplier of roller shutter systems were collected by ALUPROF marketing specialist Aleksander Białas.

The First Innovation Exhibition and Another Distinction

One of the side events which enjoyed enormous interest at the Warsaw Build Fair was the Innovation Exhibition, held as part of the Polish Joinery Forum. The unique nature of the event is borne out by the fact that the organisers succeeded in bringing together the market’s most important players, who are blazing a trail for the joinery sector with their implementation of innovative products and technologies. As ALUPROF’s marketing and PR director, Bozena Ryszka, explains:

The exhibition was designed to promote the most spectacular, cutting-edge joinery products. The state-of-the-art solutions presented there included ALUPROF’s newest proposition, the MB-Skyline system, which is designed for use in building types that include single-family homes. The system’s sliding doors with invisible frames are our response to the prevailing trend for large panes of glass and subtle profiles and they are intended for clients who care not only about quality and functionality, but also about exceptional aesthetic values. We’re extremely pleased, because the system proved to be highly popular throughout the exhibition.

The Polish Joinery Forum attendees took part in a vote on the most innovative product on show at the exhibition. The winner was the Future Energy Line window, which was developed by the Petecki company in collaboration with ML System S.A. It is the first window fitted with transparent, photovoltaic glass, which means that it will produce electricity for our homes. The solution used in the ALUPROF MB-86 system was also a focus of the sector’s appreciation. Bożena Ryszka elucidates:

The MB-86 system features enhanced insulating properties, making it highly recommended for energy-saving buildings. The parameters that have been achieved mean that its use in external architectural elements improves the building’s energy efficiency. The MB-86 is a response to trends not only in sustainable buildings, but also in design.

In addition to taking part in the exhibition, ALUPROF was one of its main partners. The event attracted interest from a wide range of circles and was visited by architects, engineers, property developers, construction companies, distributors and representatives from the academic world.