ALUPPROF confirms the power of its brand

ALUPROF is ending 2020 with a bang! Two Joinery Market Leader titles and an advance in the TOP MARKA (Top Brand) rating are the fruit of the company’s efforts in building its unbeatable range and powerful image both in Poland and internationally.

The best of the best among aluminium system manufacturers

For the twelfth time, ALUPROF S.A. has been named the Joinery Market Leader in two categories, aluminium systems and roller shutter systems. The titles are awarded on the basis of sales, confirming the outstanding results the brand has achieved over the past year. The winners were announced during the 2020 Joinery Market Leaders awards ceremony held as part of the Ogólnopolskie Forum Stolarki (Polish Joinery Forum). Because of the pandemic, this year’s event took place entirely online. This meant that there was no limit to the number of attendees; everyone interested in the topics being addressed could take part.

Confirming the power of the brand

“Press”, a monthly magazine and the Press-Service Monitoring Mediów (Media Monitoring Press Service) information agency have published their thirteenth analytic report on businesses’ media activity. On the basis of the analysis, Poland’s five hundred most powerful brand images are identified. Separate ratings are also published for individual sectors. This year, ALUPROF can be proud of advancing an entire nineteen places to three hundred and eighth on the prestigious list. The company took eighth place in the sectoral ranking.

Bożena Ryszka, ALUPROF’s Marketing and PR Director, emphasises that:

To everyone at ALUPROF, featuring in this prestigious ranking is a reward for our consistent efforts in turning our brand strategy into reality. It’s particularly significant in the light of the challenges that, as a sector leader, we’ve had to meet in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. Moving up nineteen places confirms the company’s business and social significance in Poland. At the same time, it motivates us to search for, and develop, innovative ways of effectively implementing the ALUPROF brand’s ambitious goals.