In both its plants, the company has modern powder paint shops at its disposal. There is a high-duty, fully automatic line, equipped with quick colour change spray booths in Bielsko-Biala. The sandwich-type booth as well as the power supply and powder recovery system allows the effective use of varnish and a quick colour change – time of colour change is reduced to approx. 15 minutes. The entire varnishing process is computer-controlled, which guarantees the constancy and repeatability of painting parameters, including coating thickness. The effectiveness of control over painting parameters is confirmed by the certificates which have been gained from the Qualicoat organisation and the supplier of IGP powder coating systems.

Thanks to the modernisation and development of other elements of the painting line, the Aluprof plant in Bielsko-Biala is now able to paint up to 200 thousands square meters of surface monthly. It provides the possibility to paint with all kinds of powder varnishes within the whole range of RAL or NCS palette of colours. The paint shop also makes wood-like surfaces in the ADEC series.